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Art City S.O.S. closed on November, 2017.

Dear Friends and Art Citizens,

Please know that all of us at Art City are experiencing a near indescribable level of gratitude for your powerful action and support.

For us, the best part of Art City S.O.S. is that it brought us back to our Community Programs (Outreach) sites so much sooner than we had hoped. The children are overjoyed to have us back! Through this crisis, they were aware of why their programs had been suspended. They also knew they weren’t alone, and that their fellow young artists in other neighbourhoods were similarly affected. When we returned, we let them know that Art City was back because you, those who supported this campaign, care so much about them. You brought Art City back! The children send their sincere thanks.

Those of us doing this kind of work do it out of idealism, determination, and love for our fellow human beings. We want equality for all people. For nearly two decades, Art City has worked towards this through our programming and policies. Through this time of crisis, we learned how many of you really understand and value our work and what Art City represents. Thank you for your action, support, generosity and friendship.

You helped defeat the greatest threat Art City has ever faced!